How Panda Changed SEO Copywriting – Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO Lecture Presentation

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How Google Panda update affected SEO Copywriting? How did the Panda update change the way Search Engine specialists, Web Strategist and Content Experts look at quality content? Web 2.0 Properties Link Building 300x205 How Panda Changed SEO Copywriting   Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO Lecture PresentationHow can you still utilize your content applied on Web 2.0 properties to help you in your SEO campaign? How can you balance slightly gray hat SEO techniques with complete white hat content creation to achieve better SEO results?

The above were just few of the questions that I attempted to answer through a lecture delivered on the last SEO Organization Philippines National Membership Assembly. Here is the PowerPoint presentation:

I removed the long and boring about me part where I said I came from Advertising and TV and blah blah. :)

Written below is the rough transcription and is a direct PowerPoint to text conversion with very minor editing:

Fast Outline

• Who Am I
• Numbers in Blogging
• Is There Really Money in Blogging?
• Skills Needed
• Ways You Can Make Money from Your Blog
• Conclusion

Basic SEO for Copywriting

• Keyword in title
• Proper KW density
• Use of Txt formatting tags like heading, bold, italics
• Explore Different Article Types
**You can classify articles based on different criteria, this classification is based on how they appear for both readers and search engines
• List type
• How to
• Essay type
• News article
• Wikipedia type

Basic SEO for Copywriting

• Employ synonyms and semantically related keywords
• Tilde ~ in search
• Google KW tool
• Other KW tools
- Market Samurai
- Keyword Snatcher
- Keyword Optimizer Pro
• Interlink Articles

Reducing Bounce Rate and Improving Effect of Content

• Bounce Rate Defined:
Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.

• Bounce Rate Affects Rankings and Reducing it Should be Considered in Making Content
• 80% bounce rate for blog is okay, if higher then your blog could use tips on the next slide

How to Maintain Keyword Integrity

• Don’t target unnecessary words
* I say the one who writes with Integrity writes SEO-soundly. (friendly won’t work because it’s an adj. not an adv.) • Avoid diluting not just your keywords but the content of your article as a whole – segues (Filipino definition) aren’t good

• Don’t try to hit two birds with one stone. Neither Google nor your readers have
• Target specific topics
• Principles in long tail KWs apply
• How specific? Very.

Keyword Integrity 300x240 How Panda Changed SEO Copywriting   Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO Lecture PresentationThink laser targeted / sniper spotted Ex. Copywriting Tips > Advanced Copywriting Tips > Advanced Copywriting tips for SEO Experts > Advanced Copywriting tips for SEO Experts who Hate English >

• Ultimate Benefit of Targeting Specific Topics
• Not only you will be able to target relevant keywords or key phrases but you will also make your writing a lot easier and faster
• Write intelligently – never underestimate your readers.
• Write like a pro, if you can’t hire a someone who can
• Expound acronyms and explain industry terms
• Have an outline, be coherent, have a clear lead, body and conclusion
• All basic rules in journalism may apply
• Have enough spaces or breakers white areas
• Proper paragraphs not kilometric type of texts, follow proper writing guidelines. Avoid causing too much strain to the eyes of your readers
• Difference in text formatting, again the use of txt formatting tags like bold, italics etc
• Grab Your Readers’ Attention
• Good and Catchy Headline
• Mind Blowing Lead
• Pictures
• Encourage Commenting
• Recommend Related Posts
• Recommend Popular Posts
• Integrating Social Media is a Must
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google +

Google Panda Update Evil 300x294 How Panda Changed SEO Copywriting   Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO Lecture PresentationContent for Panda Update

Content is King.
But not all content is created equal
Not all content is fitted to be a King
Some are written out to be lame and bad Jokers

What is Bad Content?

• Scraped content, ie rss sites, wp robot driven sites and the likes, content stolen from the blogs/websites of others
• Automatically generated content by tools, blasting, aggregation etc
• Unnatural and manipulated content: ie keyword-stuffed content for MFA sites, gibberish content, WP caffeinated content and the likes •
• Obviously spun content, we’ll go more into that later

What is High Quality Content?

Google Article: More guidance on building high-quality sites Out of the 23 points highlighted by Google.. How many addressed website’s Content? 22 Panda is clearly about Content.

22/23 Points by Google Highlighted in this blog post: How to Write for Search Engines – SEO Copywriting Tips from Google

Content for Panda Update
Grand Takeaway from Panda Update? Bad Content is a Waste of Time and Resources

When you hear the word Panda…Don’t think about Kung Fu, don’t think about PoThink about Google. Think about CONTENT!

The Panda is a Hungry Beast! and it feeds on tons of good and high quality content.

Some Quotes + Solution from the Web

“Within the overall scoring system, there are sub-scores for content, technical quality and linking. We found that those high-tech marketer websites with Content Audit Scores above 75 (out of 100) also had an average Google organic rank of 12. That’s page-two results, folks. Naturally the lower the Content Audit Score, the lower the rankings in the search engines for the high-tech sector.”• – SearchEngineWatch

“I’ve seen the effects of this first-hand. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a client I hadn’t heard from since 2008. Their site had lost rank and the SEO firm they hired told them that they needed more content on it (as an online retailer of gift cards, their site consists mostly of graphics)”. • – SEOWritingJobs

“Evaluate your site for content with characteristics of duplication, low information value and too many ads. Remove them, or make an effort to make that content more useful and valuable by adding information.” “Continue to focus on creating, original and useful content.” “Promote your content so that it attracts links from other websites.”• – BtoBOnline

“Don’t think of the tactic as link building, but an arrow leading back to where the quality content can be found”. – Beanstalk-Inc

“Ann Smarty promoted her own SEO career using guest posting, it’s the only link building technique she uses for her SEO clients”• – WordTracker

Content Spinning and Manipulation for SEO

• SEOing of Content on Web 2.0 Properties
• Keyword in Title
• Keywords in Tags (Should be Nouns and Pronouns)
• Relevant Category
• Keyword in Author Bio + Username/Handle
• Don’t make the KWs obvious. So don’t have a handle like Real Estate Developer or Make Money Online. If that looks like a spam to you, then it surely looks like a spam to Google too. I did a campaign with balls as part of the KW, I used Baller. I did a campaign with real estate as a KW, I used the surname Westmoreland.

• Strengthening Your Content on the Network
• Build Backlinks
• Posting a Reply on Hubpages, if YouTube a video reply
• Link Your Profile to other profiles : Join Groups / Teams / Channels
• Rating your post/content
• Increasing view count on your post/content affects rankings. You can do this automatically of course.
• Referrer tools + Traffic Senders + ScrapeBox + PR Storm + iMarco + PTC and auto clicker combo

Get Google Panda Love1 How Panda Changed SEO Copywriting   Utilizing Content and Web 2.0 for SEO Lecture Presentation

Content Spinning and Manipulation for SEO Link Building

• Where to post/distribute high quality content?
• Article Directories – these properties may not rank as high as before but they still work and definitely not dead
• Wiki Websites
• Forums – Benj Arriola type of replies.
• Answers Websites – Questions and Answers where the answers are HQ as well and not just one liners with a link.
• Other People’s Blog – Guest Posting, remember Ann Smarty
• Social Networking Pages/Blogs
• Classifieds Websites

How to use Spun Articles on these Websites

• Rule of Thumb (actually Kim Tyrone Agapito’s Rule of Thumb): If you can detect that content is a spun content, and then expect that Google will be able to do the same.
• Do not use Private Label Rights or PLR articles. PLRs have been published and spun and published again thousands of times.
• Do not auto spun articles. Auto-spinners pull out replacements on a limited database then replaces certain words. Reverse engineering this technology is quite simple. You’d be a fool to think that a billion dollar company like Google cannot “un-spin” these spun articles. Simple algorithm can easily detect double or triple nested spins.

• Just for SEO / Link building purposes, use a well spun – manually spun, creatively written and high quality articles with 10 levels / nests.
• Articles from this method will yield not 30% not 60% but as high as 95% unique articles. It leaves the targeted keywords almost the only common element when you compare articles. Even a trained human eye will find it hard to spot similarities, if any.

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