How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways

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365 Ways How To Make Money As A Freelancer 1024x381 How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways

Freelancing is the biggest economic mover since the e-commerce revolution. It has leveled the playing field for small startups and allowed them to compete against corporate giants. It has allowed individuals to work on different companies and projects for anywhere around the world at the convenience of their own time and place.

Millions of professionals are doing freelance works and together they have earned billions of dollars for themselves and the companies they’ve worked with. But how exactly one can become a freelancer? It’s a pretty much a simple 3-step: Sign up, Find job, Get hired.

3 Steps to Earning via Freelancing How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways

But how to make money as a freelancer is a different question. There are literally thousands of jobs available on great freelancing sites like I haven’t found a totally comprehensive article on the matter so I wrote one, and I’ve counted around 12 thousand ways!

How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways

If want to skip reading the entire list of 365 ways you can earn money as a freelancer and you want to check specific freelancing opportunities, assuming you know your skill set then jump via the friendly navigation below. I’ll be updating this post with a much  friendlier search filter soon.

Desktop App Web App Blog CMS Site Admin Product Integration SEO Sales Offline Marketing Social Media OS Software Operation Game Design Game Development Transcription Data Entry Virtual Assistance Mobile Phone Writing Digital Art Design Media Photoshop Engineering Mathematics Science Research Coaching Consultancy Virtual Assistant Finance Business Money Legal Product Sourcing Manufacturing Modeling Chat Webcam Bonus


Desktop Application Development

Desktop%2BApplication%2BDevelopment How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Programming, Hacking, Development, Design, Usability
Demand: Moderate, High

Could the next Photoshop, Outlook, Office Applications right at the end of your coding skills? Desktop Application Development requires very specific skill set for it can help shape the future of Desktop Computing.

  • C, C#, C++ Programming, Visual Basic – if you know these basics plus more, then thousands of programming jobs are waiting for you. [1 - 5]
  • If you can develop simple Desktop Applications that automates exigent task or you can compile programs that others deem impossible then a lot of employers will be paying top dollar for your hours. [6 - 7]
  • Companies, Groups and Individuals would always want to have software of their OWN and you as developer can help them achieve that goal. [8 - 10]
  • Parallels, Cross-OS Compatibility, Network Configuration and Setup – things that would baffle common Internet users are usually freelance opportunities up for grabs. [11 - 15]
  • There is a wide range of Applications and Software that is needed, from Business Computing and Analysis, to simple Macro Solutions solving other repetitive Tasks and to highly complex Tools that reduces thousands of hours of manual work in a matter of minutes. [16 - 20]
  • Clients also require freelancers to develop simple to complex type of Bots, Automation Tools and Hacks or Workarounds for a number of uses like Marketing, SEO, Consulting, Reporting, Academe, Designing and many others. [21 - 45]

Web Application Development

Web%2BApplication%2BDevelopment How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Coding, Development
Demand: Moderate, High

The Web is where everything is at. It’s the preferred venue of millions to process their data, perform analysis, compute and gather results. It’s what you need to master if you want to at par with the best and the latest.

  • AJAX, Apache Solr, Apache, ASP, Asterisk PBX, Azure, PHP, Business Catalyst, CakePHP, Cisco, Codeigniter, Delphi, J2EE, Java, JavaFX, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, MVC and Nginx experts freelancers are always need by small and large scale enterprises, B2B brands, and even individual employers to work on different applications. [46 - 125]
  • Bots, Tools, Simple Hacks and many others are often required by employers to empower their websites, web services or to boost application integration to third party platforms. [126 - 134]
  • Storefront, eCommerce Websites, Personal or Custom Search Engines, Crawlers, Script Algorithms, Data Scrapers, Script Analytics and the likes are fairly regular projects. [135 - 141]
  • There are also a number of Web Application Development freelance work that involves web startups and Silicon Valley investors, so if you want to be part of something that could go really big, freelancing might be the thing for you. [142 - 143]

Blog, Website, e-Commerce, CMS, Site Management and Administration

Blog%252C%2BWebsite%252C%2Be Commerce%252C%2BCMS%252C%2BSite%2BManagement%2Band%2BAdministration How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Blogging, Management, Administration, Data Entry
Demand: High

The freelancing world is rich with work opportunities on Web Mastering and Website Management.

  • Blog Installation (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others) on different platform, plus required customization for SEO, Branding, Marketing and Individuality – equals a whole lot of work for freelancers. [144 - 158]
  • Theme or Template Design, Development and Customization for popular CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, ExpressionEngine, OSCommerce, OSCart, Boonex Dolphin, CubeCart and others are always in demand. Every site needs to be unique, and this uniqueness and identity can readily be achieved with an original theme. [159 - 191]
  • WordPress Plugins and Themes, WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platform and CMS choice opens a lot of freelancing opportunities. [192 - 193]
  • Are SQL, phpMyAdmin, CPanel, PostgreSQL, Plesk, Cloud, Grid, Unix, Powershell, VPS, Command Line etc not alien things to you? Then you could work as a freelancer doing Site, Backend and Database Administration. [194 - 208]
  • Hacked Site Cleanup, Recovery and Protection are among the exciting freelance jobs that you can do. Millions of websites have security vulnerabilities, loopholes in codes and exploitable backends, not to mention those that already have viruses and malware and those that are being targeted by Hackers and Spammers, the need for professionals who will safeguard websites against malicious attacks is simply phenomenal. [209 - 301]

Third Party Website, App and Product Integration

Third%2BParty%2BWebsite%252C%2BApp%2Band%2BProduct%2BIntegration How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Coding, Development, Integration, Programming
Demand: High

The Web is a connection Network, ergo Internet. And with it is the grand interconnection and integration of websites, applications, plugins, browsers platforms and others that need occasional tweaking, development and adjustment.

  • Popular APIs and Apps often need integration with new websites, so if you have knowledge in Amazon Web Services, FreelancerAPI, Google Checkout, Google Web Toolkit, Google App Engine, BigCommerce and many others then flex those coding muscles and get ready to be hired. [302 - 310]
  • Plugins, Addons, Extensions – they come in different names so whether it’s Apple Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or others browser platforms that you are adept with, there will also be work available to you. [311 - 306]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Inbound Marketing

Search%2BEngine%2BOptimization%2BSEO%2Band%2BInbound%2BMarketing How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Optimization, Standardization, Writing, Marketing, Data Entry, Coding, Development, Programming, Communication, Sales
Demand: High

It’s the industry that fuels profiting via the Internet, and to say that SEO and other aspects of Inbound Marketing require a great deal of freelance work would be an understatement.

  • There’s a lot of SEO work that is available for all beginner, intermediate and advanced freelance SEOs. There is Link Building, Submissions, Standardization, and On-Page SEOs for starters, and there is also the drawing of grand SEO Strategies and Inbound Marketing Plans for advanced freelancers. [307 - 312]
  • AdWords, Facebook Advertising and other Pay Per Clicks (PPCs) also play a great role in modern Inbound Marketing efforts, and as such, these delicate works are now being assigned to workers worldwide with minimal and non-intrusive contracts. [313 - 315]
  • Email Marketing, Article Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing – things that unless done and strategized by a real professional would appear directionless are highly demanded with the rapid change in Search Engine algorithms. [316 - 319]
  • You can’t improve what you cannot measure; this is why Analytics (Google Analytics, Woopra, Piwik etc) along with Conversion Rate Optimization works are very important. [320 - 323]
  • Marketing for Affiliate Products, Services, Digital Products, Physical Products, Raw Traffic and Leads all require different Strategies, and as such, different freelance skill sets are required. Be sure to beef up your freelance profile to land these high-valued campaigns. [324 - 329]
  • Branding Improvement, CRM, CRO and Leads Generation requires creative and marketing skills and are perfect for freelancers who can apply high value standards while thinking out of the box. [330 - 333]
  • eBay, Amazon, AdSense, AdWords, ClickBank, Commission Junction and many others are big names in the Internet Marketing, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Online Selling scene – and clients all over the world need assistance improving their campaigns, implementing changes, following standards etc. [334 - 339]

Sales and Offline Marketing

Sales%2Band%2BOffline%2BMarketing How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Writing, Marketing, Data Entry, Communication, Sales, Management
Demand: High

Even with the Internet age, Offline Marketing is still very much alive. In fact there still are industries that survive without any help from their online counterparts.

  • Ad Planning, Buying and Strategizing constitutes a series of workload that are often needed outsourced or done by freelancers. [340 - 342]
  • Traditional Promotions like Telemarketing, Door to Door Product Introductions still work in some cases and as such, workers for these are still being hired on a regular basis. [343 - 345]
  • MLM and Leads Generation on Insurance, Real Estate, and Retirement Plans etc are still effective when done offline, that is having a real human touch. [346 - 351]

Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Management

Social%2BMedia%2BOptimization%2B%2528SMO%2529%2Band%2BManagement How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate
Skill: Standardization, Writing, Marketing, Data Entry, Management, Communication
Demand: High

Social Media management is another gig you can find. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account then you might find this work very easy.

  • Facebook being the number one social networking site in the world is being used by marketers and businesses on a number of ways. And with the follows the endless requirement of employers for Facebook Account Management services. Many are also looking for freelancers who can increase their Fan Page Likes, Followers and Social Engagement. Facebook Advertising is another expertise you might want to look at as a freelancer. There is also the basic posting and user interaction. [352 - 359 ways]
  • YouTube, the number one video website is also among the top three search engines in the world. Work involved here includes Channel Maintenance and Moderation, Subscriber Interaction, Account Management and Video Uploading among others. [360 - 364]
  • Other networks like MySpace, Twitter, Ning, LinkedIn also calls for similar work and therefore similar freelancing opportunities. [365 + 3]

Operating Systems and Specialized Software Operation

Operating%2BSystems%2Band%2BSpecialized%2BSoftware%2BOperation How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Data Entry, Coding, Development, Programming, Marketing, Support
Demand: Medium, High

Whether you have formal training or just have enough hands-on experience into these Operating Systems and Specialized Software you can apply in select freelance jobs.

  • Experts or Experienced individuals in Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft (XP, Vista, 7 and soon 8) are needed for works involving Troubleshooting, Integration, Adaptation, Compatibility, Testing, Cross-Platform Checking and many others. [365 + 33]
  • Specialized software operators for Forex (Metatrader), Finance, Business, Automation Tools, Report generation are highly in demand. [365 + 39]
  • There is also a great market for freelancers who know their way around Microsoft Access, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Powerpoint and other common desktop applications. [365 + 43]
  • The same is true to a lot of industry specific desktop software like those in SEO and Internet Marketing [SENuke, ScrapeBox, Traffic Travis, Xrumer, Magic Submitter etc). Operating specialized software alone take a lot of time, so employers often seek people who can help them accomplish the task. [365 + 48]

Game Design and Development

Game%2BDesign%2Band%2BDevelopment How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Coding, Development, Design, Integration, Programming, Gamification
Demand: Medium, High

There is an increasing demand for professionals in Gaming, and this industry is not to toy with.

  • Game Design or jobs that instantly make you an insider in one of the most exciting industries there is are fairly common. These works are often high profile and confidential at the same time. Imagine working for the next World of Warcraft, Diablo III or Angry Birds right in the comfort of your own room. [365 + 49]
  • Gamification or the integration of game elements into websites, applications and web properties are gaining popularity. If you’re a frequent visitor of a social website where you get rewards and points for simply participating in the website’s activities – that’s gamification in action for you. There are hundreds to thousands of social sites that may implement Gamification anytime soon. [[365 + 1049]
  • What game consoles are you familiar with? There are tons of works involving different consoles (integration, compatibility, development) that are available for grabs. Out of the tens of consoles available, there’s surely at least one opportunity that will pop up your search. [365 + 1059]
  • The rich world of MMORPG holds a lot of opportunities for people who love to work and have fun at the same time. Works ranges from Character Management, Character Leveling to Character’s Equipment Development and Training. [365 + 1063]
  • Game Testing is another interesting work, who wouldn’t want to play and literally get paid real for money for it anyway? [365 + 1064]

Transcription, Data Entry and Virtual Assistance

Transcription%252C%2BData%2BEntry%2Band%2BVirtual%2BAssistance How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate
Skill: Standardization, Data Entry, Support, Marketing, Writing, English
Demand: Medium, High

You can make money by simply tapping on your keyboard, knowing basic office stuffs or simply knowing how to use the computer.

  • Get hired and transcribe from audio materials like recorded conference, lectures, interviews, dictations and others. [365 + 1068]
  • Some employers will also want you to type data from raw and hardcopy documents like old newspapers, paper documents, accounting sheets etc. [365 + 1071]
  • You can also be asked to upload and submit articles, RSS feeds, videos, files, documents, images, infographics, and press releases on different websites. Submission is a very easy task and people really hire freelancers to do this for them. [365 + 1079]
  • You can also be virtual assistant or an online secretary, where in a employer will talk to you via chat or voice over IP using simple applications like Yahoo Messenger or Skype and then he or she can give you instructions on whatever he or she needs to be done. [365 + 1082]
  • Answering surveys or questionnaires that are otherwise needed to be done by your client is another easy task that you can do. [365 + 1084]
  • Your Microsoft Excel or Powerpoint Presentation skills can also land you a job on freelance websites. [365 + 1086]
  • How about simple googling? You know how to Google, right? That’s probably how you landed on this post. There are clients who need to do a lot of web searches for their business who are looking for workers who can simply do it for them. [365 + 1087]

Mobile Phone Freelance Jobs

Mobile%2BPhone%2BFreelance%2BJobs How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Data Entry, Support, Marketing, Writing, English, Programming, Coding, Development, Design, Applications, Integration
Demand: Medium, High

Mobile is the new goldmine. People access internet, do social networking, research and buy products via their mobile phones. And along with its popularity is the increasing number of freelance jobs for mobile phones.

  • Mobile Phone related software fixes are abundant in Freelance job hunt sites. [365 + 1088]
  • Core application development on different mobile operating systems like Android OS, Windows CE, Android Honeycomb, Symbian, WebOS etc are also available. [365 + 1093]
  • Application integration to existing third party clients or services. [365 + 1094]
  • Geolocation or incorporation of specific location to app functions, like in the case of Foursquare and Gowalla apps in popular smart phone units like iPhone and Blackberry. [365 + 1098]
  • Phone/Unit specific expertise can also be rewarded via freelancing. If you’re an expert on Blackberry, Nokia, Amazon Kindle, Samsung, Windows Phone, Sony and many others then thousands of clients need you. [365 + 1103]
  • iPad and iPhone app development is a very big market. Millions of users around the world are craving for new and useful apps which make the opportunity for this freelance work simply limitless. [365 + 1105]
  • Android app development rivals that of iPad and iPhones. If you love or at least know Linux then try your skill in developing code in Java language for Android units. [365 + 1106]

Article Writing, Content Creation, Ghostwriting and Ghost Authorship

Article%2BWriting%252C%2BContent%2BCreation%252C%2BGhostwriting%2Band%2BGhost%2BAuthorship How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Writing, English, Marketing, Design, Development, Support, Sales, Optimization
Demand: High

Content is King and for many clients, entrepreneurs and employers, content doesn’t come easy. This is why when answering the question how to make money as a freelancer, writing related jobs will make any list a lot of times.

  • Article writing is one of the most popular freelancing works in the Internet today. You can write content for different websites including article sites, wikis, web 2.0 properties, guest post hubs like ArticleScholar and others. There are literally tens of thousands of sites like these but we’ll keep our number at a conservative with our little estimate [365 + 11,103 ways]
  • You can also write academic papers and school essays. [365 + 11,105 ways]
  • Blogs as a marketing and advocacy tool also need bloggers, and you can easily write for these types of online publications. [365 + 11,106]
  • Elections happen on a regular basis throughout the world, and so astroturfing is another opportunity for you. [365 + 11,107]
  • Writing descriptions for products, packages, cartography and maps etc.[365 + 11,111]
  • Copywriting for Ad Agencies including those but not limited to online outfits and offline agencies. [365 + 11,113]
  • Hardcore financial, educational and even scientific researches for scholars and the academe. [365 + 11,116]
  • Proofreading and Editing articles, essays, manuscripts, documents, whitepapers and others. [365 + 11,126]
  • Writing speeches for important individuals can be pretty exciting too. [365 + 11,127]
  • Writing parts or chapters or novels and fictions by would be or already best seller authors. [365 + 11,130]
  • Ghost Screenwriting or ghostwriting scripts and short stories are very challenging. Who knows your work might land on a huge Hollywood film someday. [365 + 11,132]
  • Forum posting for websites that would soon to be authorities in their niches. [365 + 11,133]
  • Grant writing takes a huge demand on research and writing skills but they certainly pay high. [365 + 11,134]
  • Newsletters and professional emails by internet marketers, businesses and even government institutions. These things all need professional touch. [365 + 11,140]
  • E-Books, thanks to the advent of tablets and e-readers, there is an even greater demand for well written contents in PDF formats. [365 + 11,141]
  • Who said that sensitive and old school writers have no place in freelancing? There are tons of clients needing poem, plays, and theater pieces written for them. [365 + 11,144]
  • News writers and press release writers also got a place in the freelancing world. The need for these article types have never ceased a bit. [365 + 11,146]
  • Writing letters, project proposals, applications, queries, follow-ups, cease and desist, bid statements and many others are being outsourced to freelancers a lot. [365 + 11,153]
  • Freelance resume writing is also a popular opportunity; especially with the competition to get a certain job is becoming stiffer. [365 + 11,154]
  • Product descriptions or reviews are being done by freelancers from all over the world, another after effect of e-commerce growth. [365 + 11,156]
  • Know English and adept on another language? Then you can also get freelance translation jobs. Tons of content are in need of translation to other languages. [365 + 11,157]
  • One of the best freelance writing opportunities you can have is travel writing. How does it work? Client will ask you to travel ala vacation/getaway, you write about the experience and you get paid. [365 + 11,158]

Digital Art, Design and Media

Digital%2BArt%252C%2BDesign%2Band%2BMedia How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Design, Collaboration, Graphics
Demand: Medium, High

Freelancing world isn’t exclusive to writers or programmers. It is also an oasis for digital artists.

  • 3D is definitely above 3rd when you talk about ranking the in-demand skill for digital art. There is always a need for experts and freelancers on CGI and 3D Animation (Maya), 3D Modelling, 3D Printing and 3D Rendering. [365 + 11,163]
  • Adobe revolutionized the way people create digitally, and with it is the ever growing need for experts on the company’s digital software like Adobe LiveCycle Designer, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop (there is a special section for this), Flash and others. [365 + 11,168]
  • Video is another popular content both offline and online, and with it are tons of opportunities for both creation and editing of videos. Skills in Video Production, Picture to Video Conversion, and Editing via Final Cut Pro, After Effects and even Windows Media Player are sought after by clients. [365 + 11,174]
  • Creation of creative media for businesses and even personal use like cards, caricature and cartoons, brochures, corporate logos and identity, flyers, banners, ad designs, product covers and packages, posters, sketches, t-shirts, stickers, paperbacks, book covers, streamers and many others are always in demand. [365 + 11,192]
  • Desktop Publishing via specific programs like QuarkXPress, Scribus, Print Artist, PagePlus, Corel, InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and others for projects mentioned in the previous line are also popular. [365 + 11,199]
  • Architecture, Drafting and Engineering also need digital designs so expertise in 3ds Max, Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, Architect Studio and many others. [365 + 11,204]
  • Web Design, Blog Design, Infographics, Online Resume Designs, Banner and Image Advertisement Designs, Landing Page Designs and all those internet pages that require excellent design for both aesthetic and practical purposes will always give employment to talented freelancers. [365 + 11,211]
  • Experts on Dreamweaver, CSS and other on the go web designing applications. [365 + 11,213]
  • Artistry with Acoustics or Sound then you can provide Audio Services. If you know how to edit audio, level sound or have expertise in Sibelius or Final Cut Pro and other Audio/Video software then there are employers who would love to hear from you. [365 + 11,215]
  • If your talent lies in your voice then you will delighted to know that voice talents and dubber, singers and voice over actors are being needed worldwide. [365 + 11,216]
  • There are also freelance art and design jobs available for those into specific niche like Fashion, Furniture, House Interiors and even electronic Gadgets designs. [365 + 11,220]

Freelance Photoshop Jobs

Freelance%2BPhotoshop%2BJobs How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Design, Collaboration, Graphics, Marketing
Demand: Medium, High

This is originally under the Digital Art, Design and Media but the demand for this particular skill is so high that giving it its own category is simply just.

  • Photo editing or retouching for personal use, magazines, websites and others is one of the most common Photoshop jobs you can find. It’s simple to do so it’s fast which means that payment will in your hands fast and you can take more work. [365 + 11,223]
  • Creation of web graphic elements like backgrounds, banners, logos and buttons or icons are pretty popular too. A little touch of creativity and you’re sure to get a lot of jobs. [365 + 11,228]
  • Creation of offline materials and paraphernalia like posters, streamers, albums, brochures, cards, invites, stationery, stickers, product packages and many others. [365 + 11,237]
  • Images for landing pages, sales pages and even newsletters that combines great typography and graphics are becoming more in demand as many business owners focus on internet marketing. [365 + 11,240]
  • Conversion of PSD to HTML or CSS or to CMS (Content Management System) is also a top freelance work that you can check. A little knowledge in HTML or CSS or CMS of course is requirement. [365 + 11,243]
  • Practically anything/99 things you can do ON Photoshop. [365 + 11,342]

Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Research Experts

Engineering%252C%2BMathematics%252C%2BScience%2Band%2BResearch%2BExperts How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Engineering, Research, Collaboration, Analytics
Demand: Low, Medium

The world of freelancing is also open to hardcore and in-depth professionals who are experts on the field of Engineering, Science and Research.

  • There are a lot of jobs that are perfect for inquisitive and critical minds such as jobs related to different fields of Engineering: Aeronautical, Aerospace, Broadcast, Chemical, Civil, Construction, Electrical, Genetic, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Mining, Petroleum, Structural, Telecommunications and others. [365 + 11,357]
  • High profile jobs like working on software Algorithms, Database Treatment, Cryptography and Data Mining are also available. [365 + 11,362]
  • Freelance jobs on Electronics like electric circuits, cellphones, antennas, communication parts, gadgets, hardware hacks and others are very in demand. [365 + 11,369]
  • There are tons of opportunities for highly specialized skill sets, like those needed in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Mechanics, Matlab & Mathematica, Mechatronics and Robotics. [365 + 11,376]

Sell Expertise, Coaching and Consultancy

Sell%2BExpertise%252C%2BCoaching%2Band%2BConsultancy How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Marketing, English, Writing, Support, Sales, Optimization, Communication
Demand: Low, Medium

Many freelancers do well in being consultants and coaches.

  • Internet Consulting, Business Consulting, Online Marketing Consulting among other things are highly sought in the International market. People love second, third or even fourth opinions, especially those coming from professionals. So if you always have fresh, relevant and effective insights, being a consultant could be very well for you. [365 + 11,379]
  • Coaching people via the Internet is another freelance work that you can do. There is Life Coaching, Financial Coaching, Health Training or Coaching, there’s even Love, Relationship, and Life Coaching. [365 + 11,385]
  • Many people are great in giving advises to their friends. They are perfectly skilled in giving an untainted perspective to issues. And the good news, you can get paid for it. As good old Joker once said: If you’re good at something, never do it for free. This is one of those moments when you can get paid for doing something you’re simply good at. Try searching for clients in need of Personal Help, Problem Assistance, Professional Opinions and others, you won’t be disappointed. [365 + 11,389]

Remote / Online Secretary or Virtual Assistant

Remote%2BOnline%2BSecretary%2Bor%2BVirtual%2BAssistant How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate
Skill: Standardization, Support, English, Communication, Writing
Demand: Medium, High

Office/secretarial work are almost no-brainier, one might even line it up with the easiest works and easiest answer to our how to make money as a freelancer problem, now imagine doing that online on the schedule of your choosing right in the comfort of your own home.

  • Are you and your mobile phone inseparable? You can perhaps answer texts messages and get paid for it. [365 + 11,390]
  • You can also act like a standalone call center representative and take calls for your client. The employer will simply setup call forwarding to your phone which you can answer in behalf of him. [365 + 11,391]
  • You can also do customization and set ups for your client via the Internet, not all people can learn how to use their mobile instantly. [365 + 11,392]
  • All that plus everything/99 things your virtual boss can ask you to do in order to assist him. [365 + 11,491]

Finance, Business, Money and Legal Related

Finance%252C%2BBusiness%252C%2BMoney%2Band%2BLegal%2BRelated How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Standardization, Research, Collaboration, Analytics, Research, Marketing
Demand: Medium, High

Tasks related to business, money, finance and legal can be pretty boring and daunting. That’s precisely what many clients feel, and that means a great deal of opportunity for hardworking freelancers worldwide.

  • Accounting and Auditing work are very challenging, for the non-experienced; but if you have experience doing this kind of work, then you will make a lot of employers very happy. [365 + 11,493]
  • Business Analysts who could bring fresh perspective to big and small companies are very much needed. Many businesses are expanding and they would need your expert opinion on Business Strategies that they need to undertake. [365 + 11,494]
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting works are also available for qualified individuals. [365 + 11,496]
  • Other highly specialized tasks include: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Company Documentation, Tax Filing etc.[365 + 11,500]
  • Many clients also seek help in their companies’ Human Resources, Recruitment, Interviews, Employment and Contracting departments. [365 + 11,505]
  • Management has a strong place in the freelancing world. There is Inventory Management, Business Management, Project Management, Property Management and others. [365 + 11,509]
  • Highly technical tasks in Businesses like Patent Handlings, Contracts, Tax Law, ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning, ISO9001, Legal Research etc. [365 + 11,515]

Product Sourcing and Manufacturing

Product%2BSourcing%2Band%2BManufacturing How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing
Demand: Low, Medium

Product Sourcing & Manufacturing also offers big opportunities to business-minded individuals who don’t want to be tied up to a single company.

  • Opportunities like Buyer, Supplier and Product Sourcing are always available. [365 + 11,518]
  • General Manufacturing and Product Design and Development for freelancers who are into that integral part of the business are in demand. [365 + 11,520]
  • Busy clients also look for people with experience in handling Logistics and Shipping. [365 + 11,522]

Modeling, Chat and Webcam Sessions

Modeling%252C%2BChat%2Band%2BWebcam%2BSessions How To Make Money As A Freelancer: 365+ 11,633 Ways
Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate
Skill: Communication, English, Support
Demand: Low, Medium

Even regular activities like those that you happen to do on a regular basis to connect with friends can also be a source of income.

  • There are online modeling jobs that are available for you. What’s needed? You must be presentable; you must have a webcam. Now how hard could that be? [365 + 11,521]
  • You can also offer chat, phone, SMS and email support to help your clients handle their customers. [365 + 11,525]
  • Some employers would simply require you to chat with them or to other clients. Yes it’s an interesting world out there, but be warned SOME of these are actually adult freelance work as in rated XXX, but hey, cuique suum or in English, to each his own. [365 + 11,526]

Tell How Freelancers How They Can Make Money Online

Expertise: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Skill: Communication, English, Marketing, Sales, Optimization
Demand: High

This is some sort of a bonus for you. This doesn’t involve any real work since you’re not going to do anything. Except to tell other people how they can make money via freelancing, like what I am doing.

  • Tell how people can earn from freelancing through your blog, through other people’s blog, through 100+ web 2.0 properties you can find here. [365 + 11,626]
  • Share the information via your social networks like MySpace, LinkedIn, : tweet it, put it in your Facebook status etc. [365 + 11,630]
  • Invite your actual friends, colleagues and office mates, and other people to join via a special link such as this one. [365 + 11,633]


Actually there’s no need for them. Just stop procrastinating, get your first freelance job and earn money now.

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10 Awesome Comments

  1. This sheer number of jobs that has been created by the outsourcing industry is mind boggling. When I see those people lining up in job fairs and saying they can’t find a decent job, I just simply feel sorry for them.

    With just minimal training, the right attitude and determination, there is no doubt in my mind that they can find a job on the Internet that (at the very least) fit their skill. But if one is not really into computers, then I guess there lies the problem.

    But heck, with the slow economy, if I were these guys lining in the job fairs, I would learn anything just to get a job in this country, as long as it doesn’t involve anything illegal.

    Nice post and a great source of information. :)

  2. ariston says:

    Agree with Jordan.. ^_^
    With tons of available online and offline jobs listed above, who needs to go out and lining up on job fairs? All we need is an update(not obsolete) desktop or laptop with fast internet connection, then all are set to go!

    These very helpful article must be posted as sticky and promoted for our Kababayans to read.

    Thanks Kim and Mabuhay! :)

  3. nad says:

    Whoa! too much great info in 1 post! ^_^
    sir Kim, you can really make this as an e-book… heheheh

  4. Kath says:

    That is one long list…it’s good to know that anybody, anywhere can practically be a freelancer online. It levels the playing field like no other innovation can.

  5. Kilo Wali says:

    You sir are a genius for putting this list. I just found 10 thousand ways for me to earn money as a freelancer.

  6. Ron Lee says:

    I just realized that I’m only earning via 5%, I didn’t know that there were tons of other ways to earn.

  7. Je says:

    Now imagine earning a dollar from each of these opportunities… I’ll be a millionaire in no time :D

  8. small jobs says:

    Grate post i really like it . details are very well paced .

  9. DK Mishra says:

    Survival of the fittest- jobs are plenty and plentier are unemployed, of these only those can make it big who have real talent. Though info for ppl looking to start freelancing work.

  10. There’s just too much information here and I wondered how you came up with such a long but great list. I do agree that there are so many opportunities to earn online. I’m into blogging and article writing; and I would also love to explore web designing and SEO. Got to learn more from this.

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