Save and Copy Filenames in Folder to a Txt File

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I needed to save and copy a long list of filenames of files present in a specific folder or directory on my hard drive. And yes, you guessed it right; this is for an SEO campaign I’m working on. While I will not divulge the relevance of copying all filenames in a folder to a text file on my strategy, I’ll tell you how I did it.

MS DOS Image Save and Copy Filenames in Folder to a Txt FileYou don’t need a special tool or software for this. Your ordinary keyboard and some good  old MS-DOS power will do the trick.

1. Go to CMD or command prompt. You can do this my manually navigating to CMD from your Program List or typing cmd and hitting enter on your run dialog box found by pressing Start button.
2. Go to the directory or folder which contains the files you want listed. You can change directories by typing the command cd which is short of change directory.
3. Type the command DIR /B /O:N > filenamelist.txt on that specific diretory. filenamelist.txt being the file where the list of filenames will be saved.

DIR /B /O:N > filenamelist.txt

4. If you want to include the file names of files in the sub-directory of sub-folders of the current folder you are in, just append /s on your command and hit enter.

DIR /B /O:N /S > filenamelist.txt

That’s it. There are no further steps. This is a lot easier than trying to save filename using visual basic or working to copy filenames using excel worksheets.

The funky featured image I used in this post is courtesy of BeZhare.

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