Inbound Marketing + SEO Articles Friday Roundup 06/15/2012

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There’s a new category on my blog, it’s called Inbound Marketing and SEO Articles Friday Roundup and yes, I am hoping to do this weekly. Yay!

First, what is it about? It’s pretty self explanatory, every week I’ll feature some of the best SEO and Inbound Marketing articles that I’ve seen, give my insights whenever I have the time and credit those who really deserve it. Nothing special, just a simple guy trying to find some real gems for you! You know, mining for good content can be a tedious task.

So here we go, my first Inbound Marketing and SEO Articles Friday Roundup:

1. Black Hat SEO Technique Exposed- No.1 on “Payday Loans”

Razvan Gavrilas of CognitiveSEO exposed a very controversial topic at how spams and blackhat techniques literally triumph Google SERPs with the keyword Payday Loans as an example. It surprises me to see that there are still people unaware of these things… I remember people’s first reaction when they heard negative SEO after the Penguin update.

By the way, the case of Payday Loans if very similar to that of Buy Viagra, which I blogged about here.

2. The Oatmeal vs FunnyJunk: $20,000 Damage Suit and some Bear Love

The Oatmeal Bear Love Inbound Marketing + SEO Articles Friday Roundup 06/15/2012

The Oatmeal’s awesome reply to FunnyJunk’s demand asking him to pay the latter $20,000 for damages. The post was so awesome; it already generated more than $168,000 in donation as of this writing.

The issue is not yet over, I don’t expect it to be resolved very soon. So for you guys watchers, grab your oatmeal popcorn while you’re at it.

3. The Growing Volume and Complexity of SEO Tasks

Everett Sizemore wrote or rather chronicled the volume of SEO tasks that one needs to do. Thanks you Big G for making our lives harder (and exciting). The post can be found here.

4. Authorship Markup Spam

Ryan McLaughlin asked whether Google will be fighting authorship spam. I know there are a few people exploiting snippets and markups and all but this one guy, the guy Ryan blogged about is using his real profile to do so. That’s a big LOL to me.

5. Google Bigfoot Update

Dr. Pete of SEOMoz monitored the Bigfoot Update.

6. 10,462 entries over 4.5 years = Will Reynolds

Will Reynolds shared what I would call a part of a future bible to all SEOs, bloggers and Inbound Marketers as to how they should handle their career, spend their working time, focus on professional goals etc. It’s an eye opener for people who generally hate to tether themselves on time tables and schedules. Read his post here.

7. Strategies for Diagnosing Penguin and Recovering

John Doherty wrote Strategies for Diagnosing Penguin and Recovering, a comprehensive article about what you should do and how you should and implement your Google Penguin update recovery plan. Check it if you haven’t recovered from Penguin

8. Turn Bad Publicity to Your Favor

Bad publicity is still publicity? Apparently James Perrin of Koozai agrees he chronicled how you can use bad publicity for your SEO advantaged. This is a good read for ORM people.

9. Twitter Content Strategy

Adam Justice wrote a very in-depth Twitter strategy guide. So if you’re new to twitter or you finally want to use the platform to go hardcore on your SEO and marketing, check the article out.

10. Link Building Means Earning “Hard Links” Not “Easy Links”

Linkbuilding Continuum Hard Links vs Easy Links SEO Inbound Marketing + SEO Articles Friday Roundup 06/15/2012

Danny Sullivan’s in here taught readers to spend their time earning those hard links instead of wasting their time on getting easy links. It’s a matter of quality vs quantity when you can’t have both (personally, I still prefer getting both). Some might call this post another BS but I consider it a great reminder.

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If you think you’ve seen a content that should be included on our next list, just tweet me or send me an email so we can check it out.

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