SEO Articles Friday Roundup | Click Here, Not Defined, Disavow Links, Authority, IM Fail, Boring Niches and Pokemon

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Here’s 10 of the most intriguing post this week involving Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Inbound Marketing.

Do Not use Click Here as Anchor Text

UXMovement’s article on why your links should never have “click here” as the anchor text is contrary to a lot of published SEO material, particularly after the Penguin update which called for a more natural anchor text building. Of course, UXMovement being a usability blog pointed its affect on the user. Correlate that to what your findings SEO-wise and you’ll have one hell of content what can perhaps really make people click here.

Not Provided Data by Google Analytics

Tom Jepson of HPGroup-SEO wrote about the growing list of Not Provided data by Google Analytics. This according to Google is for privacy reasons, but of course Internet Marketers would think otherwise. I think otherwise, and personally it has left me smirking at some point. Especially when you check your logs for referring keywords and it will say nothing but Not Provided or Keyword Not Defined depending on the Analaytics tool you use – that’s just frustrating.

No To Google Disavow Link Option

Ryan Jones wrote why he doesn’t want Google disavow link option. I don’t want it either. But if you’re on the other side of the coin, better check his post.

Boring Niches and Great Content

Not all industries and niches are exciting to promote and make content about. There are a few boring niches. Hannah Smith listed a few and hey you can pick a lot of tactics from her post. Do you think it’s time to go viral?

Reasons Marketing Strategy Fails

Is your online marketing strategy a failure? Stephen Logan listed 37 reasons (some obvious and some are not) and quick tips on each on how you can turn the tide.

Cheat Sheet on Making an Authority Site

Authority is the new [Insert Some Awesome Noun Here]. And based on Neil Patel’s post, it’s relatively easy to achieve it. His post perhaps reflects how they build KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg’s authority.

Goodbye 70-Character Limit

107 Character Title SEO Articles Friday Roundup | Click Here, Not Defined, Disavow Links, Authority, IM Fail, Boring Niches and Pokemon

In thi till trill little litter fill! | Is it illicitly lil’ lilli! | If I fill ill jill I’ll frill thrill! – that my friend is the title of SEOMofo’s post which can be summarized this way: Google no longer puts a limit on the number of characters in your SERP title. Rather, it limits the title based on the pixel width.

So what does that tell you? Well you can edit all your existing Titles based on this new finding, probably you can add more characters than the old 70-character limit, or you can just move on with your lives and start writing headlines and titles for people and not search engines.

SEO Success Secrets

If there are only 10 blogs who are credible enough to write about SEO success secrets then SEOBook would be among them. Read the post and learn why.

Link Building with Local Events

Kane Jamison’s contribution on SEOMoz picked up some aged local SEO tactics; mixed it with some new to come up with an original take on how to do things more upscale and more systematic.

Regex, Analytics, Keyword Research and Pokemon

Pokemon SEO Articles Friday Roundup | Click Here, Not Defined, Disavow Links, Authority, IM Fail, Boring Niches and Pokemon

I would like to commend Emma Barnes for her post. It’s not really too hard to mix Pokemon and SEO but she did it with class, especially with those drawings which I must say, you have to check out.

If you think you’ve seen a content that should be included on our next list, just tweet me or send me an email so we can check it out.

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    Thanks for including me on the list Kim :D All those other articles were favourites of mine this week so I feel very special!

  2. Sam says:

    So if there is no limit on title so we can put more keyword to target on single page. It reduce our effort of creating new page for specific keywords and now can you please tell me what about limit on character description is it now or not

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    nice share guys, I learn how to make blog seo frinedly…

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