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Hey! I’m Kim Tyrone Agapito and this is my main blog, KimOfTheWorld.com.

I’m an SEO Professional and Lecturer; Internet Marketer; Content Strategist and Search Specialist; Creative Writer; TV Writer and Producer. I am also an occasional hardcore Gamer, Pet Lover and Movie fanatic.

I know that’s a mouthful so let me break it down for you.

I started as a local newspaper correspondent, doing regular beats, writing news and features. It was fun and really challenging. The constant influx of news and in-depth information feeds me like how your computer or laptop draws electricity from its power source.

I have strong creative foundations which allowed me to work on Philippine’s two largest media stations ABS-CBN, writing narrative scripts for TV series and talk shows while conceptualizing new programs and GMA, writing and producing stories for news and public affairs shows while again conceptualizing new programs for the station; then later freelanced to Advertising companies doing Ad copies and scripts.

I always love to think out of the box. This allows me to take different standpoints and perspectives on certain subjects and come up with the most appropriate strategies. The skill is very similar to taking in different voices of characters in narrative scripts that I used to write – I guess some habits are really hard to break.

I still get involve in TV and Film projects occasionally, but for the huge part of my time I am working hard and smart practicing my Copywriting, Prob Blogging, Internet Marketing and SEO careers.

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