Search Engine Optimization

Link Building Free SEO

(Almost) Link Building-Free SEO = On-Page + Viral Link Acquisition

Is it possible to do SEO without Link Building? If so, how? Those were some of the questions that I tried to answer during the lecture I delivered at Mastering…

SEO Dead Picture

Seo is Dead [PROOF]

Seo is dead, don’t let anyone tell you different. Seo has come to an end. He died on March 2012 and there’s no way with current Sciences or Algorithm from…

Camera King Picture

Image Optimization | Ultimate Image SEO, Social and UX Optimization

Optimizing your images is one of the many on-page SEO steps that you need to undertake. Doing so will not only make your images and website rank higher the search…

Google Plus Circles

Google+ Plus Local SEO

Google retires its very popular (and highly abused) Google Places by merging local results with Google Plus or Google+. For quite a long time, Google Places has been the goldmine…

Google Knowledge Graph

How To Do Google Knowledge Graph SEO

I can’t help but correlate the retirement of Google Wonder Wheel tool with the release of Google Knowledge Graph. There is simply an uncanny resemblance with how these two Google…

SEO Presentation Iloilo

SEO Presentation: Advanced Keyword Research, LSI Mastery and Authoritative Content Theming

Below is my SEO Presentation for the First Iloilo SEO Conference held last May 12. The presentation is “packed” with information on how you can do effective and massive keyword…

Mon Tulfo Brawl

Search Engine and Social Media Damage Control Strategies for the Mon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto Mishap

Search engine and social media damage control falls along the lines of social media optimization and online reputation management. And because of the fast world of statuses, updates, news feeds,…

Sick Penguin

5 Keywords Proving Google Penguin Update May be an Algorithmic Fluke

Google released the so-called Penguin Update last April 24. Originally dubbed as the webspam update, the update was intended to target less or no credit to spammy sites built upon…

WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger – Pro Blogging, SEO and Social Media Pros and Cons

Which is better, WordPress or Blogger? This is an age old question and I first asked and encountered when I was just starting. There were tons of factors to consider…

How to Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change

SEO Presentation – How To Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change

In this post is my SEO presentation entitled How To Bulletproof Your Content and Survive Any Algorithmic Change delivered on Mastering Online Ranking Conference or MORCon 2011 last October 29….

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